A&E are Adam Moore and Esme Lewis-Gartside. A&E explore psychic, physical, emotional and spiritual liberation from institutionalised practices of induced disembodiment. Their on-going, collaborative performance practice, Leave your vesselsresearches how movement, sound and language are made, experienced, and interpreted, and how processes or protocols from one discipline might be activated in another.

A&E | Leave Your Vessels | Guest Projects. Photo: Bel Turner

>>> Listen to CLIMAX by Ex.sses (Esme Lewis-Gartside) >>> recorded live @ Guest Projects

A&E are attentive to the transfer of energy between mediums – how movement can generate sound and how sonic ideas become embodied and transformed through movement – and how sensorial transference can shift emotions and moods, repositioning mental orientations. Embodied and psychoacoustic landscapes materialise as processes for solo dance making and sound composition overlap. A&E interrogate how communication and connection happens in performance spaces and how they might facilitate empathic relationships with audiences. Generating knowledge around these ideas – unimpeded by language and hyper accelerated technological environments – is a core concern. A&E explore the permeability of intimacy, cultivating hospitable environments for emergent relationships. Pouring out from familiar modes of communication, they search for and push into new forms of communication. A&E were joined in their 2020 iteration by artist and collaborator Kaivalya Brewerton, following prior performance research at Guest Projects. AEK are Adam Moore, Esme Lewis Gartside and Kaivalya Brewerton.

AEK | The Yard, 2020. Photo: Yuichiro Noda