A&E explore psychic, physical, emotional and spiritual liberation from institutionalised practices of induced disembodiment through improvisation and performance. Their performances experiment with the permeability of body, sound and language – how these are made, experienced, and interpreted. A&E are attentive to the transfer of energy between mediums – how movement can generate sound and sonic ideas and how sound can manifest in movement – and how these transfers can disrupt and transform feeling states – emotions, moods, mental orientations. Embodied and psychoacoustic landscapes materialise; processes for solo dance making overlap with digital and vocal techniques for composing sound. A&E prioritise interrogating how communication and connection happen in these spaces and how they might facilitate empathic relationships with their audiences. Generating knowledge around these ideas – unimpeded by language and hyper accelerated technological environments – is a core concern. A&E explore intimacy and the permeability of emergent relationships, creating hospitable environments for audiences – who can choose to respond to the invitation – leave your vessels? – or not. A&E are Adam Moore and Esme Lewis-Gartside.

>>> Listen to CLIMAX by Ex.sses (Esme Lewis-Gartside) >>> recorded live @ Guest Projects