Unworded, known, defined:
Bit for bit


Bright white in black space: Europa dances.
Hunkering hierarchies
trudge, eclipsing calm  alignments,
unyielding, unrelinquishing
– centring –
contracting systems of our solarscape unevenly:
perdurable pale umbras echo bleak abstractions; 
fatal oceanic breathing muddies boundaries to
precipitating brittle entropy.

Cold scale
blades of light shiver through
queering a farther moon’s reach.
Bending distant ends of radiance,
held loose, unfixed, awakening polyamorous gravity’s float between horizons,
opaque ratios ripple softly through inanimate, intimate voids,
quivering substantial masses sublimate to stranger gases,
fantasy forming

glacially shapeless interloping oceans
– spine, innards, tendons –
worlds apart

Lunar Maria, quizzical, stirs at the stewards dying space

Crusts crack and crumble aeons closer, spitting basalt hot like hell.
Insoluble surfaces break into nothingness.
Soft films of fire, abundant in neighbouring emptiness,
under the dermis of the mind.

Currents of potentiality?
Notes of haem seep from terra,

identical fields indiscriminately anchor, erecting hardships
through every cruel calcaneus.

From Jovian to elegance,
in pluriversal fabrics, we succumb;
we take care
of these homes
and these others.

This asks everything of everything.


Two fists fitting, moulded, holding 
their heart shape, repeating
digits contour, tessellating the swirl

Unhurried canals carry prints in matrix
through caverns and caves between vertebra

The body’s spray repeats itself
Sacks, slings, wings
In to out a form that rings of other things
that might be felt
native static charges sunken breath
a steady rhythm of activity and rest
pumped in the cage
undiminished in secluded regions
veinous legions retreat with stealth
expelling stale and stagnant noxious toiling
parting, claiming more to sink
and detonate in known coordinates
all fields mapped
each expanse charted
no outlying shallows
blooded every bit

through brains of brains of time
blind thumbs feeling, painting pictures they see
lame eyes occlude, inscribing textures they touch
indigenous synesthesias
repeats the body’s spray


\Pools fill and fall from openings
opening to the light to let light in

Sodium pools

exchanged at the membrane

Whole globes plunge
Rivering, tiny streams, imperceptible, tempestuous
Pooling in to out, drawn down skin
Gathered at the peak at my chin

Pooling out from twinned openings
at the thought of the
and purple
of the great salt lake
here, there
The same ink

Always, always fluid
I am bathed, I forget, I am bathed, I forget
touched on the shores of clumsy truth
where seas once covered land,
halides, sulphates
fluid many years, many, many, many years now
Solids, gasses, native elements, 
Gold, Silver, Sulphur, diamond
Carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen
inert, dissolved, transformed inside
seven fluid states alive

Pooling layers sink and set 
blood to bile to water to wet
How it travels
How I travel
I’m traversed and permeated
and permeating
all membrane and none
bone to sponge
breath to lung
lymph to blood to water to one
of many ones

I shake up the cell, this most fragile organ
touching ground touching air
time; the epochs: moments ungather
And it is
the most luscious

My container is quaked
Shaken, stirred, pulped
And it is
a most impoverished

Sodium pools


I’ve been minnearial for a very long, very long time now
Inorganically materialised, here, there
sudden wisps, colonising growths;
>skin, blankets of skin-beefy tissue.
Globular, clustered, earthy,
resinous, vitreous jewels – segments of something citrus, maybe
fleshy may be soft: delicate to bite.
Abundant cemeteries.
odourless death, the look
of death 
I am deathly curious.
What cellular resonance, what molecular remembrance? 
No resemblance.

Irregular, scattered, basic specificity: hereditary aggregate forms.

Immineral Species is a series of sculptural interventions charting a grammar of liberation from the colonial, gendered, white depictions of ‘Man’ and its associations as a universal and central subject. Immineral Species explores the interchangeability of writing and sculpture, using language as material and site for speculation and disturbance: disturbances between aggregate symbols of ‘Man’ create new understandings of the human. Interventions are positioned as an interstitial geopoetic that destabilises, re-situates, re-routes, and withdraws from liberal-modernist figures of ‘Man’ in anthropogenic, geological, and social discourses.

Immineral Species has been constructed through extended engagements revisiting multi-modal processes for solo dance making, transitioning between photographic studies, writing and embodied practice, approaching image, colour, language, and the experiential anatomy of the body as material. This transdisciplinary process examines compositions and properties embodied, expressed, and finding consciousness within diasporic subjectivity, and the relations between internal, terrestrial, and extra-terrestrial systems.

Immineral Species is a durational sculptural intervention curated as an accumulating series of stratigraphic, textual motifs, redressing fables of ‘Man’, perhaps rendering these obsolete. Immineral Species asks: what visceral, ecological, and astral relations more richly articulate the human and reveal the ambiguity, ambivalence and complexity of human awareness?