Photo: Rob Hopper

UNANTHEMIC (2019) is a solo performance curated by Sonic Gaze, commissioned for Newham Spoken Word Festival.

Influenced by my own experiences of growing up and working in East London, my pride in my multicultural roots, and informative experiences living in London and Saint Lucia, UNANTHEMIC (2019) navigates personal and national identity and media through performance and non-violent protest, critiquing structural and systemic oppressions experienced by Black people and people of colour.

Photo: Rob Hopper

An immersive installation builds around the audience. Mixed media collage placards erected sequentially create a scene of protest, with choreography and the oration of a decolonial memoir translating and processing the complexities and tensions found in identity and multifaceted personhood.


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Photo: Rob Hopper

Film shuttles between personal and pirated pop-cultural identity subjectivities, centring the enduring resilience demanded of and possessed by Black people and people of colour, to form healthy identities and self perceptions in the wake of white supremacy and its afterlives.

Audiences bear witness as I pivot through dynamic positions from which to move and be moved — physically, politically, and emotionally — suggesting identity as a multifaceted, evolving process of self revelation and self actualisation of many forms.

Curated by Sonic Gaze for Newham Spoken Word Festival
Commissioned by Newham London 
Performed and Produced by Adam Moore


Special thanks to 

Sonic Gaze
Newham London