Earth Day 22 April 2022, An evening of readings with Iris and Adam Moore, Abby Nocon, Sophie Seita, and Florence Uniacke. Camera: Rosie Reed-Gold.

An evening of readings on Earth Day, Friday 22 April 2022 with Adam Moore, Abby Nocon, Sophie Seita, and Florence Uniacke.
Exhibition works by Caline Aoun, Anna Barham, Alice Channer, Melissa Gordon, Adia Wahid, Andrea Zittel. Curated by Edward Ball.
Filmed by Rosie Reed-Gold.


by Adam Moore

Nine shapes share 12 edges. Wedged deep in an irregular, black octohedron (perhaps two fifths their combined total mass, to the wondering eye), each is in shelter, not in shade. Shielded and held in an opening of sorts. An insertion. Temperate and formal, intuition distinguishes the matter: there’s warmth, I think. A hair’s breadth, a knife edge, a fine line of fine lines, a circumspect balancing of biases, sure. But there is an edge to the whole, retaining… constraining, even – the way shapes sit and stack. Presume three walls, not four; two lie beside and one before. That, is obscured. Three clearly see above the parapet. Hues degarde down, and right, from flint to slate to bark. Buried in black, from right, and upward, aggrading dried blood drops to fainter shades, then bark? A jolt, a breath, a rest, off white left of centre. There is an edge to the volume.

It dries (the blood) — and bakes (the shit)

against blue skies before noon.

Burns the sky to pink and green.