Supercritical, A Psalm (2021) is a moving image and text commission for Theatrum Mundi and Diaspore Projects.

Camera, Text, Sound, and Editing: Adam Moore.

A love affair between interior and exterior fluids, this commission draws on my embodied encounters with different modes of locomotion used to inhabit and navigate local bodies of water in Newham.

Observing, sensing, and moving within the architectural, elemental, social, and spatial relations from the Royal Victoria Docks to Royal Albert Wharf and beyond, I investigate this unique city-scape and its river ways on the peripheries of the capital.

Supercritical, A Pslam engages this sprawling, inspiring urban water-scape through nature writing, moving image, and an archive of embodied encounters within this fluid and developing site of regeneration.


Watch Supercritical, A Pslam now


A Love Affair is a series of letters exploring the amorous relationship we cultivate with other organisms. How do these other-than-human beings make us feel, move and inform our identities, and what apparatuses can help us attune to the liveliness of these entities through a sense of care and the practice of reciprocity, interdependencies and learning from one another? What ‘assemblages for collaborative survival’ (A.Tsing) are in place to create new worlds? Let’s take a moment to feel.

A proposition by TM Studio Manager, Lou-Atessa Marcellin.

Special thanks to

Diaspore Projects,
and Lou-Atessa Marcellin.