The Magician (2022). Colour digital collage.

Spell of Abundance

we cannot have
every cruel calcareous
into the earth and buried for
sucked into the ground
leached from every ether so as not to be even but an intangible scent

We will have crowns of smiles, and fields of fauna, and spears of warmth 


Like blades of light 

And right will be right and be our might 

If we cannot
each greedy giant cease with bloating
we will have years of laughter floating on the scent of lovers in each other’s arms on balmy spring near summer evenings cleaving tears from fears from flesh 

No longer near misses
bodies filled with kisses 

If we can’t have each evil gale from voices booming 

And every tempestuous temperament snarling snuffed

Then we will wail with joy up to the moon and it will quiver
and it will shake from where it watches and the oceans all will cheer and we will rest our very best and most redeeming 

If we cannot eradicate ailments and all injustice on every path
then we will raise up sacred shields and shelter all who are afflicted 
And from our crowns down to our heels we will not yield but we will rise a chorus like the dawn to soothe their suffering 

We will breathe our softest breath and they will fall because we will have this all 

You have heard it said and it is written