Healing Forward: III points II cycles

Adam Moore + Luli Perez + James Taylor

Three artists collaborate for nine months, learning from each other, experimenting with making and transitioning between dance, music composition and video projection. Sharing their specialisms through doing and reflection, they develop a reflexive performance practice together. They perform for an audience, sharing a structured and repeatable cycle of activity, with three distinct points to pass through. Audiences may enter the collaboration and join the second cycle, once they’ve seen what the artists are doing – if they wish. An explicit invitation to audiences for them to become collaborators is offered before the performance begins.

‘We Dance Towards Sustainability (or do we)?’ is a collaborative, practice-based research project, exploring sustainability and community. The performance ‘Healing Forward: III points II cycles’, is one output of this research. Through creative practice, this performance challenges theoretical propositions of sustainability and community by sustainability theorists Hans Dieleman, Sascha Kagan and Volker Kirchberg – in Sustainability, Art and Reflexivity: why artists and designers may become key change agents in sustainability, and philosophers Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri in Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire, respectively.

How can reflexivity be witnessed, practiced, encouraged and exercised? Why is the process of reflexivity so important  for sustainability? What new relationships, meanings and activities might emerge through collaboration – in this performance – and beyond?