UNANTHEMIC is a semi-autobiographical, self historicising, de-colonial journey. Commissioned by Sonic Gaze for Newham Spoken Word Festival, UNANTHEMIC navigates personal and national identity and media through performance and various forms of non-violent protest.

Photos: Rob Harris

Collage, dance, sculpture, text and video speak to and translate the complexities, frustrations and joy found in race, cultural identity and multifaceted personhood. Pseudo-celebrity collaborators help the artist examine pluralities of his British and West Indian heritage, legacies of western historical narratives in contemporary culture, and subsequent popularised tropes of the ‘problematic’ and ‘woke’ born from social media. UNANTHEMIC shuttles between personal and pirated pop-cultural identity subjectivities, searching for dynamic positions from which to move and be moved – finding the counterpoint between belonging – with others – and one’s own united states of self.

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