Monumental (2017). Shown here performed at Siobhan Davies Studios, London.

Small gestures of inclusion and connectivity support the construction of an immaterial material dwelling that is appearing, disappearing and resurfacing; throughout, a commemoration of our time together, in dance, verse and song.

Investigating the body as archive with choreographer Siobhan Davies, Moore takes the physical monument as his point of departure. Examining the historical and sociopolitical implications of traditional architectural and sculptural structures, Moore advances from these notions and activates embodied, textual and vocalised forms to build from and commemorate the past in the present while looking to the future.

Conceptually monumental, “My body remains the enduring reality1 – but not monumental as such. Here, Moore resists monumentality in favour of the collective, ephemeral and impermanent.

1Yvonne Rainer, The Mind is a Muscle.