I am a transdisciplinary artist negotiating variant/alternative ephemeral (and durational) activity.

I dance across drawing and painting, moving image, text, sound, and sculpture, generating new relationships between process and form, leading with a reflexive embodied practice.

My practice connects to all domains of life and encourages powerful moves towards unity with self, other, and environment. I gesture towards and through Otherness: the scintillating matter of Blackness; Queerness; Faith; and more life shaping dimensions.

I limn sustainability through my work.

I understand sustainability as life healing. The urgency of my work is motivated by my desire to heal, which can’t be possible without eroding hardened systemic structures and thawing frozen institutions. Life is a steady flow I practice streaming within, using creative practice to further change and make discoveries.

I am an English-St.Lucian artist, born, living, and working in the regenerated east-end of London. As a community leader in many contexts I am interested in agency, autonomy, and personal responsibility, and social and environmental justice and sustainability.


Dance Art Journal,
Percolate Residency supported by Siobhan Davies Dance

SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ SS21

Camden Arts Centre Youth Collective online

Bright Dynasty supported by Jerwood Arts (Jerwood Bursary Artist 2020)


Long Play Liberation commissioned by Newham London
Long Play Liberation transmission for The Place ‘What does the future look like?’ Festival

collaboration, Leave your vessels

writing for Dance Art Journal