Rotten.TV, Jupiter Artland



Ingestre Orangery


Umbra Penumbra Antumbra

Umbra Penumbra Antumbra

Flat Time House & UP Projects


A4FE0263-4739-483C-B972-197B72E5BE9EBright Dynasty

Kunstraum, London


Bright Dynasty Paintings

Kunstraum, London



Netil Radio, London


1218D08B-E167-4188-BE7A-A4898CE6EF11SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ


E4D5C7D5-59A4-4CA4-B3B7-A3AC09A2741ELong Play Liberation: Transmission

The Place, London


Immineral Species


F572CB7B-6410-4EC5-94D3-1B6FEF23D76FLong Play Liberation

Newham London, Black History Month Celebration 2020


Leave your vessels

Guest Projects and The Yard, Hackney Wick


Maybe there will be stars

Haarlem Artspace 



Newham Spoken Word Festival, RAWLab


Healing Forwards: III points II cycles

Trinity Laban Laurie Grove Studios



Siobhan Davies Dance


Parallel Field

Limehouse Town Hall




London Topophobia 


Texts for Dance Art Journal

Smithson, Interrupted

Robert Smithson Forking Island (1971).

Hot Mess

Candoco perform Hot Mess, choreographed by Theo Clinkard performed at Laban Theatre, London, UK, 25th July 2019
Photo: Stephen Wright.

The Screensaver Series 

Photo: Roswitha Chesher

The Elsewhen Series

Photo: Roswitha Chesher


Visual Arts Performance Archive

Dough, Baby (2020),
Laura Wilson.
Open Space Contemporary at The Swiss Church

Deep, Deepen, Deepening (2019),
Laura Wilson.
Must Farm Quarry Achaeological Site, New Geographies with Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery.
Photo: Laura Wilson

Holding Shift (2018),
Laura Wilson.
Victoria & Albert Museum.
Photo: Hydar Dewachi

The Searchers (2018),
David Panos.
Hollybush Gardens.
Image: David Panos

you would almost expect to find it warm (2018),
Laura Wilson.
Block Universe at The British Museum.

My Buddy (2018),
Laura Wilson.
Kettle’s Yard + The Gurdon Institute, Cambridge.
Image: Laura Wilson

Stone Draggers (2018),
Laura Wilson.
Bloomsbury Theatre.
Photo: Laura Wilson

Internal Context (2017),
Luli Perez.
Guest Projects.
Photo: Holly Revell at CARD collective

Passage (2017),
Fernanda Munoz Newsome.
ICA London.
Photo: Dimitri Djuric

Score for 30 Dancers (2010),
Joe Moran Dance.
Christ Church Spitalfields.
Photo: Joe Moran Dance

Secrets and other pass times (2009),
Florence Peake.
Toynbee Studios. Photo: Fabian Peake

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