SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ SS21
~ Rested ~

¹SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ × Mark Bleakley
Until Your Touch

Extract of text by Mark Bleakley with SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ, performed by Sophie Seita.

²SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ × Anouska Samms
A Collection of Vessels

Extract of text by SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ with Anouska Samms, performed by Steph.

Special thanks to exhibiting artists

Mark Bleakley
Sophie Seita
Annouska Samms

Μαℜκ Β⌊εακ⌊εγ • §σρΗι∃ §ειτα • Λ∩ησςκα §αμμς • ςτερΗ