SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ is now!

SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ convenes in popular alternative sanctuaries, observing the essential flow and flux of activity and rest required for artful living, working with and for creative change agents. Negotiating variant alternative ephemeral and durational activity, separate from, parallel with, and adjacent to diagnosed syndromes of unsustainability, SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ is creating new realities triggering healing processes for the the art that we make, the people we make it with, and how we live together.  


~ Rested ~

Lichfield Road, London

¹SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ × Mark Bleakley
Until Your Touch

Extract of text by Mark Bleakley with SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ, performed by Sophie Seita.

²SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ × Anouska Samms
A Collection of Vessels

Extract of text by SυΠℜISε τð SυΠSετ with Anouska Samms, performed by Steph.

Special thanks to exhibiting artists

Mark Bleakley
Sophie Seita
Annouska Samms

Μαℜκ Β⌊εακ⌊εγ • §σρΗι∃ §ειτα • Λ∩ησςκα §αμμς • ςτερΗ