Avalanche (2022). Shown here performed at qap.digital launch at Reference Point 180, London, December 2022.

An avalanche occurs when a layer of snow collapses and slides downhill. Avalanche is a performance intervention for a party that collapses the boundaries between the public/private/visible/unknown and slides between serendipitous circumstances. Augmenting the conditions of perception and display with his unconventional and anti-artifice handling of dance, choreography, citation, intimate objects and music Moore triggers an avalanche through the layers of the social landscape at the party, drawing the environment into his work and merging with it. A durational and reductive strategy for performance designed to emerge from the special conditions of a party for a special occasion – where “audiences” exhibit much more autonomy, even playfulness, than any traditional audience/viewer context – Avalanche is a disarming examination of the artifice, durability and (in)stability of identity. Avalanche centres the particularity of the notion of the abstraction of the British-St.Lucian artist as he roams a conceptual hunting ground – the party – for indeterminate, intuitive interventions.

Patchworking contemporary, postminimalist and post-studio references from Kathryn Brown to Adam Pendleton to Dennis Oppenheim, Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson and Richard Serra, citation weaves an opaque aural cocoon around Moore’s fifteen-minute skincare regime. He applies one mask before another, questioning his relationship to these influences and broader cultural relationships to these sensibilities. Coordinated exacting and chance operations liberate different ways of looking at the identity of the artist and the guests, blurring the contours between artist and audience, activating performative and self-reflective modes of observation, imbuing the artwork with a collective aura.

A public intervention. A work of art. A backdrop for reflection. Sometimes, a place where nobody knows. Avalanche is a site of formulas in flux opening a window onto performance aesthetics and the artificial limits of gallery spectatorship, traversing interludes of self-reflection and durations of discontinuous tranquillity.

Moore’s Bright Dynasty (2022) explores the multitude of relations which create the structures in the world around us, shaping our identities and our internal worlds. A passage from Moore’s Bright Dynasty text informed by his study of the psychological feedback tool Johari’s Window explores the social construction of the self. This extract formed the locus of his commissioned intervention programmed during UP Projects’ NOW WE ARE 20 celebration at 143 Strand. Unfortunately, this intervention was abandoned due to overcrowding. Precipitating a closer look at the party as a context for performance, the work was redesigned for the qap.digital launch party at Reference Point 180 Strand.

Photos by Rosie Reed-Gold.
qap.digital launch photos by Eda Sancakdar.


qap.digital is the online gallery of Queer Art Projects (QAP) curated by Tuna Erdem, Seda Ergul and Mine Kaplangı, where you can buy contemporary queer art online. qap.digital’s definition of queer art is not limited to “art made by queer artists” or “art that focuses on queer themes”. Queer art deviates from the norm in its form, aesthetics and approach and has an affinity with the experimental and the avant-garde, the too much and the too little. qap.digital envisions to be queer in every sense of the word, “differing from the norm” of the online art market by doing away with the binaries it operates on, like emerging versus established, affordable versus investable, and original versus edition.

gap.digital strives to give centre stage and exclusivity to the marginalised and tokenised members of the institutional art world, from queers to migrants. gap.digital takes a strong stance against the art market tendency to outdate any contemporary artwork that was not created in the very year it is exhibited. Art is not a fashion trend that becomes old in the blink of an eye. Contemporary art is not the art that was created within the year, but art created by artists who are living, breathing, creating today.

Therefore, qap.digital will be a platform where contemporary art can be on show for a longer breadth of time, that will enable it to become familiar to a wider audience. gap.digital believes queer art needs to be kept alive not only in the name of much needed diversity, but also in the name of perpetual creativity.

qap.digital is a space to celebrate queer art and to help it live, flourish, thrive.

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