Bright Dynasty (2022). Performed at Hypha Presents 56 Conduit Street, London, Frieze Week 2022.1

During London Frieze Week Adam Moore was invited to exhibit recent works in ceramics alongside his new film Rockslide (2022) in Hypha Studio’s inaugural group show at 56 Conduit Street. Moore was also invited to present a specially produced adaptation of his solo performance installation Bright Dynasty.

Bright Dynasty is about an ever expanding sense of being at home on different scales, spectrums and frequencies, within the universe, landscape, architectures and dwellings, with other people, ecologies, within oneself and beyond. The performance installation expands awareness of the multitude of relations between the materials, forms, and forces in life creating structures in the world around us, shaping our identities and our internal worlds. Examining the fabric and spirit of life within organic and geometric motifs and arrangements, Bright Dynasty extends our awareness of the movement between internal and exterior planes: spatial, poetic, perceptual and metaphorical dimensions echoing across works in sculpture, painting, film, dance, drawing, sound and text. Each personifying the essential qualities and changing states of ‘the self’.

This video documents A Spark (Bright Dynasty), a pared down, curated performance by Moore within Hypha’s group exhibition on Sunday 16th October, where new large-scale sculpture and recent and newly commissioned writing and sound2 coalesce in performance for the first time.

1 Performance filmed by Sophie Seita.

2Affirmation (2022), written and performed by Adam Moore for Bright Dynasty performance series finassage at Phoenix Art Space, Brighton, including original text The triangle game (with quote from The Sweet and Sour Animal Book by Langston Hughes) written in residence and performed at Hypha Studios & London Borough of Waltham Forest 2022 two-person show. Music: This is how we walk on the moon, Arthur Russell; “Instrumentals” Volume 2 – Part 1, Arthur Russell; Paumalu, Mike Cooper; Nami, Meitei; Belisia, Ignacio Maria Gomes; Thanking the Earth, Carlos Niño & Friends, Nate Mercereau, Sam Gendel. 

Special thanks to

the team at Hypha Studios
Edward C Ball, Sophie Seita and Annie Wighton.