Adam Moore examines the fabric and spirit of life within organic and geometric motifs and arrangements. His practice looks to extend our awareness of the movement between internal and exterior planes: spatial, poetic, perceptual and metaphorical dimensions echoing across works in sculpture, painting, film, dance and text. Each personifying the essential qualities and changing states of ‘the self’.

Bright Dynasty creates a sanctuary for intimately examining materials and processes of transformation. It seeks to expand our awareness of the multitude of relations which create the structures in the world around us, shaping our identities, and our internal worlds.

Searching within the accumulation of recurring motifs, Moore sharpens his awareness to the familiar and the unknown, dancing in the space created by the different forms and their composite parts. The materials and processes at play become transformational allies through a series of performances, which interweave dance with the sculptural elements. Each performance retunes the exhibition, creating new vistas and relationships between works, artist, and audience.

Dance, ceramics, drawing, film, painting, sculpture, sound and text by Adam Moore

Performance photography by Phoebe Wingrove and Jenni Lewin-Turner
Exhibition photographs by Bernard G Mills and the artist

Special thanks to
Lucy Day
Belinda Greenlagh
Kitty Bew
Jade Downer
Ainoa Burgos
and the front of house team at Phoenix