Adam Moore, Ambient scheme (2023). Digital video, 2 minutes 41 seconds.

Adam Moore and Lotte Van Gelder worked together collaborating and co-teaching at Destination Unknown 2023. They facilitated sessions exploring synergies between their practices and how they work with dancing, drawing, dreaming, imagining, photography, sensing, speaking, video, writing, and witnessing.

Adam Moore, Sites of Syntropy (2023). Photographic series, Roermond, NL.

They explored synergies and correlations between their practices working with site, materials, and people, the choreography of attention, modes of sensitised perception and presence, dancing, the choreography of social space, gathering, sound, sites and occurrences of syntropy, and diarising ambience and practice.

Special thanks to

Linda Lennsen and the DU2023 team

Destination Unknown artists

Caroline Sarneel, Daan Russcher, Juliana Zepka, Karla Paredes, Lola Schot, Michele Bazzoli, Ratri Notosudirdjo, Renée Stravers, Sjors Smit, Yeonwoo Chang

Lotte Van Gelder