with Luli Perez and James Taylor

Three artists perform three distinct activities. Each artist makes dance, sound and live projections. They create a system for their work, they move their work to a new location, and they return to their starting positions, inviting audiences to join them on their second cycle and become part of this changing system. How can reflexivity be witnessed, learned and enhanced in communities? How can we develop more reflexivity and how could this help create more sustainable futures?

‘We Dance Towards Sustainability (or do we)?’ is a collaborative, practice-based research project, exploring sustainability and community. The performance Healing Forward: III points II cycles, does not intend to illustrate the project itself but produce an exemplifying context for challenging existing theoretical propositions of sustainability as a transdisciplinary practice, activated and achieved most robustly through collaboration, according to Hans Dieleman, Sascha Kagan and Volker Kirchberg – in ‘Sustainability, Art and Reflexivity: why artists and designers may become key change agents in sustainability’, and Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri in ‘Multitude: War and Democracy in the Age of Empire’, respectively.