Oh no! You missed the transmission! That’s sad 😦 

The Long Play Liberation Live Online Transmission and International Performance Panel (2020) is commissioned by The Place for their ‘What does the future look like?’ Festival. For all the info on this past event, visit The Place (and then come back — it will all make sense, promise).

It’s certainly not the same as tuning in live, but you can still enjoy a sneak peek of the installation broadcast with this short recording.

[Viewing instructions: Watch after sundown in your bedroom on a Saturday night with your favourite drink — something fun — with ice! — and the volume UP]

#metoo #blacklivesmatter #reclaimthesestreets
International mass-mobilisation and embodied political action has erupted from the compression of life in the digital realm. Two moving image works take these powerful transmissions as their point of departure, exploring new ways of being – digitally, and physically – and the impact of these enactments on embodiment and the environment.

Positive Affirmations for everyone! 🙂

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These resources include links to books, poems, photographs, online newspaper articles, and miscellaneous data archived in digital and physical spaces, motivating, inspiring, or influencing the work you encountered. My curated panel have generously shared some resources that may be helpful in contextualising our transmission.