Two Gerberas (2021), Single channel colour film. 6 minutes 1 second. Shown as part of Long Play Liberation Transmission (2021).

Adapted from Moore’s touring performance series Long Play Liberation (2020) commissioned by Newham London, Long Play Liberation Transmission compresses, digitises, and broadcasts an interactive space where everyone has the chance to commemorate the past they’ve endured and the future they hope for. We (re)connect with ourselves – our voices, our bodies – each other, and sounds fortifying our present and possible visions. One hour together to create, to wake up to a clearer and more compelling vision of the future we want!

#metoo #blacklivesmatter #reclaimthesestreets
International political action has erupted from the compression of life in the digital realm despite the Covid-19 pandemic. 

VJ, DJ, MC and provocateur Adam East London, a diverse panel of guests and a live audience transmit embodiments, music, and brain waves between each other across the world wide web, processing thoughts, feelings, actions – with dancing, shaking, shuddering, quaking – every 15 minutes!!

The panel: Lucy Knight, Emilie Meeus, Amira Ramirez Salgado, Grey

Aquarium (2021). Single channel colour film with audio. 3 minutes 23 seconds shown as part of Long Play Liberation Transmission (2021). Music: A New Kind of Quiet, Spirituals.

Positive affirmations for everyone! 🙂

What is standing in the way of your dreams? What have you had to let go of? What is that feeling that you know is coming? Where are we going? Let’s go!

Select images to download Microsoft Publisher files then complete your affirmations. You can set them as your background image or screensaver, or print them out and put them somewhere you will see them and be reminded 😘

Helpful links and information

These resources include links to books, poems, photographs, online newspaper articles, and miscellaneous data archived in digital and physical spaces, motivating, inspiring, or influencing the work audiences encountered. The panel have generously shared some resources that may be helpful in contextualising the transmission.

Long Play Liberation Transmission commissioned by The Place, London for ‘What does the future look like?’ Festival.