Photo: Hayleigh Longman

Long Play Liberation stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Long Play Liberation is a performance, protest, playlist, and meditative process, ingrained in daily practice as a way to focus and project hope, celebrating and centring Blackness as the quotidian symbol of transformation.

Empowered by enactments of present and possible conditions of liberation for black people, anarchic juxtapositions – performance installation, lecture demonstration, film, dance and ritual – reposition late nineteenth and early twentieth century local seats of government – the Grade II listed Old Stratford Town Hall, and Newham Town Hall.

Transcending these sites from civic buildings into liminal spaces for extemporaneous, negotiable exchange, audiences encounter the fire, brilliance and scintillating matter of Black life, accompanied by music of Black origin in various permutations.

A safe place to find a way to be in synchrony with the environment and the complexity of mixed and conflicting emotions and oppositional forces coming together – life, joy, and celebration / death, pain, and mourning; inspiration and experience / boredom and ignorance; vulnerability / strength; resting and waking; power and fatigue – Long Play Liberation refracts the hyperadaptabilty and spacious materiality and radiance of Blackness.

Long Play Liberation was performed over four weekends during Newham’s Black History Month Celebration. Streamed live from Newham Town Hall on 10th October 2020, scroll to 14 minutes 30 seconds to play recording

Commissioned by Newham London for Newham Black History Month 2020 Celebration.
Performance: Adam Moore
Producer: Adam Moore
Sound Engineer: Jack Hale
Lighting Engineer: Kieran Mallon
Front of House Assistants: Husina Begum and Afiya Rahman.